Saturday, November 3, 2012

What we can learn from Australia...

Discover why "There's Nothing Like Australia"... This is the new tourism tagline for Australia, I think the main marketing idea is to bring out the unique experiences you will get when you travel in Australia.

So, what is so unique travel in Australia compared to the rest of the countries? Some people even told me that Australia is the miniature of Europe, but if I would like to see Europe, I wouldn't come here purposely. I didn't really plan this trip in the beginning, but my mum insisted that she would like to discover the beauty of Australia, of course, the first westerner trip.

All the while, I have been travel in most of the countries in Asia, one reason is because the exchange rate is affordable but also I like to discover the mystery culture in Asia. It was not a bad experience travel in Australia, although it was quite rushed, but it gave me some insights...  

Quote a phrase from Samuel Johnson, “all travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.”

One thing surprised me is that the toilet in the Victoria market is very clean. Told by the tour guide, usually the family will teach the child from young to clean the toilet bowl for the usage of the next person. In Malaysia, there are no such concept implant to us, we only learn how to take care of ourselves. May be this is why our public toilets are always dirty. This is something difference in the education system, if we claimed ourselves as civilized person, this is something we can improve.

Second, they take care of their environment and valued their natural resource. A good quality control of the water can been seen in the oyster farming business when we met Uncle Jim in Jim Wild's Oyster Farm. It is a home business, but I can noticed that the river besides the farm are clean and clarity.  Not only that, Koala Conservation Centre and Penguin Reserve Centre in Philips Island also demonstrated to us the important of wild animal for them.

Third, enjoy is the part of their life. I think this is what we mean work hard and play hard. Therefore, most of the shops do closed at night. And the last one, urban planning. Malaysia authorities often changed the road structure and make the traffic terrible jam. In Australia and China, the urban planning is for 50 years.

The above is solely my opinion, if any offended make, I wish to make apology in the first place. 

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