Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shopping in Yangon, Myanmar

The best place for you to shop around in Yangon, Myanmar will be Bogyoke Aung San Market. You can buy their local longyi, jade, ruby, sapphire, wood carving and painting in this local market. There are plenty of stores in it and I have dropped by to this market for 3 times during my stay in Myanmar.

I seems "lost" when shopping around in the market, and always back to the same place where I have been. There are plenty of shops around and the place is clean too. I got the impulse to buy their longyi when I saw most of their people wearing longyi in town. It is like a sarung for our Malaysian.  

Bogyoke Aung San Market is the shopping paradise in Yangon, Myanmar
Jewellery shops in Bogyoke Aung San Market, you can purchase precious gem such as jade, ruby and sapphire. 
Full of local people sitting in one of the alley in the market.
People are enjoying the street foods in one of the corner of the market.
Most of the local are wearing longyi on the streets including female and male.
Along the way to my 2nd destination - Chinatown, you can see plenty of stalls and street foods along the walkway. And it was to my surprised to see that they even sell books and reading materials on the roadside.
The local people selling their food in the street
There are plenty of books stall like this along the roadside
Local food stalls
Local market selling fruits and vegetables along the roadside
It was a far distance walking from Bogyoke Aung San Market to Chinatown. I passed by Sule Pagoda until I reached the significant Chinese symbolize - temple. Then I realized that I have reached Chinatown.

There are nothing really special in the Chinatown and you can notice that you are in Chinatown when you see stuffs like mooncake, Chinese sausage and dim sum. Due to the moon cake festival is around the corner, moon cake are selling in most of the stall and I have purchased their local moon cake for tasting. The special favour I have chosen is cranberry and cheese paste. The taste is like western cake and biscuit.

The Chinese temple which is located in one of the corner of the road.
There are different favour of moon cake sell in the stalls and I brought 2 favours (cranberry and cheese) for tasting, it taste like western cake rather than traditional moon cake.
The Chinese sausages are hanging in the stalls which is seldom we can see around in Malaysia.

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