Monday, October 22, 2012

Malaysia Taxi the worst in the world?!!

It was quite shock and shame to know that Malaysia taxi driver is the worst in the world at the recent survey  published in the newspaper! Although I seldom took public transport but I have encountered the same experience where the taxi driver refuse to use meter and quoting a higher fare.

It was during a visit to KLCC. Me and my husband decided not to drive and took LRT at Taman Paramout station. We do this to avoid jam and paying high parking fees charged by KLCC during holiday.

After shopping in KLCC, we went down to the KLCC station to get our LRT ticket. But it was to my  surprised to see that the station is flooded with foreigner workers. We try to squeeze into the crowd to line up for the ticket, but we really do not know where to line up from. At last, we have to forget the idea of went back using LRT.

The next solution we have is to go back by taxi. We went to the taxi stand and get a taxi, but the taxi driver told us that the fare was RM40. We surveyed three more, all of them refuse to use meter. At last, we have to haggle and got RM35 per trip. Mentioned by the taxi driver, it is not worth to take a trip to the place we go without charging a returned trip. It will be a loss for them.

It was nonsense. But I didn't argue, I only want to go home without any delay. From this experience onwards, I will always drive myself. It is really a bad reputation for our Malaysia if this happened to traveler, although the taxi driver earned a bit more but it will affect on the long term tourism business. At last, it comes back to the taxi driver as well.         

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