Monday, October 8, 2012

What to see in Yangon, Myanmar

1) Shwedagon Pagoda
There are many pagoda in town, and Shwedagon Pagoda is a MUST visit place when you travel in Myanmar. With history over 2500 years, the Shwedagon Pagoda is the repository of all the architecture, sculpture and arts of Myanmar heritage. Besides, it is the place that enshrined the eight hairs of Buddha.  

The present height of Shwedagon is 326 feet, with hundreds of gold plates covered the pagoda and 3154 gold bells, 79569 diamonds and other precious stones decorated in the "Hti" (umbrella), "Hngetmana" (the flag shape vane which revolves to the wind direction) and the "Seinbu" (diamond bud), makes the Pagoda more elegant and one of the wonders.

Old (right) and new (left) "Hti", where new "Hti" is made of golden plate and old is wodden. Odd number of the "Hti" represents good number in Myanmar.

Footprint of lord Buddha

The second largest "gong" in Myanmar

Chinese"paifang" marking "fu chi gong" in the pagoda

Diamond bud

Image of King of Okkalapa

2) Chaukhtatgyi Paya
One of the largest recumbent Buddha with length from the head to holy foot is two hundred and sixteen feet. The Buddha image is lifelike and vivid, the holy eyes are made of glass and the holy nose is well shaped. According to the information provided in the Pagoda, there are four classification for the recumbent posture of creature:
(1) Sleep of the ghost (the ghost sleeps supinely due to lack of flesh);
(2) The sleep of the Luxurious person (the Luxurious person sleep reclining to the left side);
(3) Sleep of Lion King (The Lion King sleep reclining to the right with the tail between the hind limbs;
(4) Sleep of the Buddhas (the Buddhas sleep reclining to the right side. This sleep posture of the powerful and noble person. When lord Buddha relaxed or sleep, he reclined to the right side with the leg on the right leg. So recumbent Buddha image always faces to the right side) 

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