Monday, May 19, 2014

Haeundae Beach and Dongbaek Park

Haeundae name was originated from a Silla 新罗scholar and poet Choi Chi-won 崔致远. It was described that when Choi went to Mt. Gaya to escape from the adverse political circumstances. He was admired by this awe-inspiring natural landscape when he passed by this area. The beautiful sights of the ocean, clouds and mountains inspired him to engraved the three letters Hae (sea), Un (cloud) and Dae (hill) on a rock located south of Dongbaek Island.

When you travel to Haeundae beach, walk to your right (near The Westin Chosun Busan), you will be able to reach Dongbaek Park and Nurimaru APEC House. Nice walking trail and breathtaking view. The park is also surrounded by Eurya Japonica tree and it is believe that Eurya Japonica tree has sterilizing process that can purify the air. There are few things to see in Dongbaek park:

1. Mermaid statute
It was installed on 1974, but destroyed by typhoon later. It was then re-installed a 2.5m high bronze mermaid with 4 tons. It is a legend of a homesick Princess Hwang-ok (from mermaid kingdom) who married to King Eunhae of Mugung, but cried for her home country during every full moon night.

2. The Haeundae Carved Stone 
Engraved three letters “Hae (sea), Un (cloud) and Dae (hill)” by Choi Chi-won on a rock located south of Dongbaek Island. Today, the middle character "Un" was eroded by rain, wind and wave.

3. Nurimaru APEC House 

4. Choi Chi-won Monument  
It is situated at the top of the island. A great scholar and poet in late Silla period. He earned his respect as Father of Korean Confucianism during Goryeo Dynasty.

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