Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adeline's Rest House, Gopeng

If you like adventure, nature and outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting, jungle tracking or water fall abseiling, then you might like to visit and stay in Adeline's Rest House. Adeline's Rest House is located nearby Sungai Itik, 7km away from Gopeng town, Perak

You can took a bus to Gopeng bus station and arrange Adeline's staff to pick you up, they will just charged you a minimum transportation charges. We do experience a ride in their truck, the wind kept pounding on our face when we passed through the lush rainforest, it make your eye hardly open wider. 

When we reached the destiny, I was very happy to see that the Adeline's huts are in traditional style and located in the mid of nature, surrounded by Durian trees. A real escapade for nature-lovers and eco-tourists. But if you like to stay luxury and comfortable, this place might not suit you, because the water from the tap is mixed with sand, and I suspected the water might came directly from the mountain, it was so refreshing.   

Our adventurous began, after a short rest in the hut, we were sent to the Itik river for whitewater rafting. Before started, we need to jump in the river and experienced the thrill and fun by doing body-rafting in the river! I do not know what is the grade of this river, but it was my first time for it.    

The food provided by Adeline's was delicious. We have booked the package that came with BBQ and bamboo soup, there even provided us a supper for Durian!  


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