Monday, December 31, 2012

What to SEE in Melaka

Melaka places of interest are very concentrated around the area of Melaka river in Jalan Kota. You can just stay nearby the hotel or park your car near A Famosa. Within walking distance you can visit most of the places of interest below except King's Well and Poh Sang Teng Temple which located nearby Bukit Cina.

1. Porta de Santiago
This fortress was built by Portuguese in early 16th century. It was one of the four main gateways into the Portuguese fortress of A Famosa. The construct of A Famosa was to prevent frequent attacked from Sultan Mahmud's followers, Acheh and Johor over century. But unfortunately, the British destroyed it due to fear of it being used against them after Melaka handed back to Dutch in 1795. Only Porta de Santiago remains till today.   

2. St. Paul's Church
A ruin church situated on top of Saint Paul Hill, originally was a chapel built by Portuguese, also name as Our Lady of Grace. But when Dutch overtook Malacca in 1641, the Dutch converted the chapel to St. Paul Church and the name remain until today. Until British took over, the tower of the church was destroyed, and it became the storehouse for British gun power.

3. Stadthuys & Christ Church Melaka
The Stadhuys (red square) was the Municipal Hall in Dutch. It took almost 20 years to complete it, today it is the history, ethnography and literature museum. The maroon colour was not the originally paint of the building, instead they were faced with brick. 
Christ Church was built by Dutch in year 1753 to celebrate their 100 years occupation in Melaka. This church took around 12 years to complete, the wooden ceiling beams, each cut from a single tree, to the elaborately hand-carved pews and frieze of "The Last Supper".

4. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
The oldest functioning temple in Malaysia, constructed in year1673. It is a Chinese temple that practicing three doctrinal system of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. In the central of altar is dedicated to Kuan Yin (God of Mercy), Ma Choo on the left and Kuan Kong on the right. It is located near to Kampung Kling Mosque and Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple.

5. Melaka River
Melaka river was once an important trading places between East and West during 15th century.You can take a boat ride to experience the previous glamorous of Melaka where the river has been clean up and rehabilitated.

6. King's Well & Poh San Teng Temple
The King's well also known as "Hang Li Po" well. It was constructed during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah (1458 - 1477) for his wife, Hang Li Po who came from China.The water in the well will never dry out even with severest of droughts and according to folklore, who ever drink from well will return to Melaka. 

Immediately adjacent to King's well is Po San Teng Temple. Some people mentioned that this temple is associated with admiral Cheng Ho, a Ming-dynasty navigator. But there are no evidence to prove that.  

7. Jonker Street
This is the best place for you to buy souvenir in Melaka, you must also tried Chicken Rice balls and Durian Cendol in here.

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