Sunday, December 23, 2012

Where to SHOP in BEIJING

1. Wangfujing
One of the famous shopping streets located in Dongcheng district. Surrounded by shopping malls, shop lots and a snack street in the hutongs of the main streets. Read more... 

2. Sanlitun Village
The combination of leisure, shopping, dining, arts and entertainment in this village provide you a shopping-as-entertainment experience. The playful architecture with cosmopolitan feel stands out this village compare to other more traditional design of shopping centers in the area. You can find famous international brands here. 

3. Yashow Clothing Market
This market is located next to Sanlitun Village, compare to Silk Market, this place is much cheaper if you know how to bargain hardly. Try to slash 75% of the retail price provided by the sellers, because normally they will give a high price in upfront.

4. Silk Market
This is one of the Beijing's most famous indoor shopping market for tourist. You can bargain aggressively for stuffs such as garments, shoes, bags, watches and fabrics here... But I still find it more expensive than Yashow Clothing Market.

5. Nan Lou Gu Xiang (南 锣 鼓 巷)
This is one of the shopping streets I like where you can experience the Hutong culture, specialty shops and distinctive foods. Located around the area of Bell & Drum tower. You can try the lamb kebab here... 

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