Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wangfujing street

Woman like shopping, so do I. There are many places you can spend your money in Beijing, it is a shopping paradise! But unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this round shopping, this was mainly due to my swollen leg and my tiredness.

There are many commercial streets, markets, departmental stores, supermarkets, feature stores...around in Beijing. Too many is my only answer, but the famous tourism spot for shopping area will be Sanlitun Ya Xiu Market, Wangfujing street, Silk market, Qianmen street, Hong Qiao Market (Pearl Market), and others.

We only manage to drop by few places, one of the place is Wangfujing 王府井street. There are many departmental stores around, book stores and a snack street. I like Wangfujing, this is because there have two bookstores around that area - Chinese and foreign languages bookstore. The book is cheap after the conversion rate, it only cost half of the price if I purchase the same book in Malaysia. Due to limited space I purchased for my luggage, I have to sacrifice for most of the book I liked. If not, I think I will bring back the whole bookstore. Haha...  

Wangfujing street
There are lots of departmental stores around the street, if you like shopping rather than book, you can enjoy this place as well

Beijing foreign languages bookstore is located nearby Wangfujing bookstore.

Wangfujing bookstore is one of the biggest bookstore in Beijing, there have 6th floors altogether and full of variety of books.
Besides bookstores, there is a snack street around the corner. This is the place you can try their exotic snack foods and purchase their souvenirs. You can find their street foods such as Tang hu lu  (candied fruits on a stick), Chuanr 串儿 (meat stick), scorpions and bugs stick, fried butter cake and many more. Don't be surprise with the scorpions, sea horse...sticks, according to Chinese, scorpion is an expensive herb with health effects on the prevention of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Therefore, why not give it a try!

Wangfujing snack street

If you dare to try, it will be a good experience to eat their scorpions, sea horse and star fish stick. It is just RMB20 to 25.

Tang hu lu, a candied fruits on a stick

Fried butter cake
You can buy a variety of souvenirs in Wangfujing street

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