Saturday, October 20, 2012

I was being scammed in Beijing, China

I promised to write this scammed incident in my blog but I wait until now only I put down my words. Before I departure to Yangon, Myanmar, I have send a letter to the Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Offices in China to complain against the dishonest of the hospital/ company which the travel agent brought us to. But it almost one month and I didn't receive any reply from the authority.

I am writing this is to prevent the same incident happened again and hope tourists in China will be more alert. The incident happened like this. Me and my husband had been brought to a place, called by the travel agent as a Tibet hospital. Why we being brought here is because the China government would like to promote the Tibet art of healing to tourist so that people are aware of their existence.

When we walk through the main entrance, the photo displayed are the top politicians in China. They even mentioned that this is one of the government department to promote Tibet culture. After that the person brought us to a room and a lady started to share the knowledge of health. After the lady finished the sharing, she went to invite her so called head to diagnose our health by seeing only our palm lines which is the uniqueness of Tibet art of healing.

The Head came in together with two boys and the two boys will be helping us to massage our foot. But this is one of the tactics they used to hold us and prevent us walk away. The Head then introduced himself and asked where do we came from, after knowing where we from he started to put some relationship with our local famous Chinese hospital leader so that the whole scammed looks real.

After diagnosis my palm, he started to told my health condition and problem, if I didn't treat it, it will become worse and hard to get pregnant in future. Then he introduced their Tibet herb and he wrote 900 x 3 is equally to RMB1800, converted it was just around RM900. The price is considered reasonable for me but I didn't decided to buy. Then he started pursuing and mentioned the seriousness of my case. At last, due to my husband is very caring for me, he pulled out his credit card and purchased the medicine for me.

When the slip came back, it is RMB5400 (9 bottles with 20 pills in a bottle) rather than RMB1800. And he mentioned that he wrote the times 3 at the bottom at his note. We didn't argued it and at last we signed for the bill.

When we back to Malaysia, I checked the ingredient of the herbs Er shi wu wei gui jiu wan (二十五味鬼臼丸) we brought and I found out, it is just a normal medicine. Then I checked on the web for the same manufacturer printed in the bottle, the price is only RMB87. That's means 9 bottles is only cost RMB783.

So ridiculous! But what goes around comes around, I always believe that a person's actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person. 

I managed to capture this photo together with the Head which I kept it as my proof for my complaint.
The medicine and credit card slip.

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