Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Food in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar cuisine is strongly influenced by the country surrounded such as India, China and Thailand over the past decade. When we says Myanmar cuisine normally we referred to their traditional Myanmar food such as Mohinga (rice noodle served with fish soup), lahpet (pickled tea), Shan noodles, Myanmar curry...

Before departure to Myanmar, I decided I would like to try their traditional local dishes mentioned above. The first day, we tried their laphet - tea leaf and ginger salad during our dinner in Padonmar Restaurant at Kha-Yae-Bin Road Dagon Township. Padonmar Restaurant (Lotus flower in Myanmar Language) is one of the fine dinning restaurant in Yangon and it is a conversion of a 50 year old residential house.

The elegant old house with colour paper lanterns and wood cravings decoration in the inner of the building provide you a romantic and comfortable dinner. The price is reasonable, we have ordered Tom Yam Koong Thai soup with prawn, Prawn dish, laphet, rice, beer and fruit juice and it cost 19,640 kayts or $23.   

One of the beauty and elegant restaurant in Yangon for fine dining food for local food and Thai cuisine
Malaysian actress Datuk Siti Nurhaliza visited Padonmar Restaurant in 2012
Tofu crackers, laphet, Tom Yam Koong Thai soup with prawn...
The taste of fermented tea leave is salty but the roasted nuts is crispy and smell great. The combination of fermented tea leave, fried ginger, roasted nuts, garlic, chili, fried shrimp provide you a different taste. It is a bit weird, but when you chew longer, it is nice too! Only after that we realized this dish is an appreciation snack served after a settlement, it will be nice to eat directly and not to be served with rice.


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