Friday, April 4, 2014

Discover Cu Chi Tunnel

"What is the road name?" belong to the meaning of "Cu Chi" in Vietnamese language as told by the tour guide when we visited Cu Chi tunnel. Cu Chi tunnel is a MUST visit place when you travel to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). This place symbolize the Vietnamese people's determination, wisdom and heroism during Vietnamese War.

Cu Chi tunnel is an "underground system of tunnel deeply located in the ground bed with numerous floors, several deviated alley like a cobweb over 200km long". It is located approximate 70km away from HCMC. The tunnel were used by Communist guerrilla troops or Viet Cop as hideouts during combat, house troops, transport communication and suppliers. 

You can have some idea on how extensive the network running underneath the Cu Chi district northwest of Saigon is from the picture below:

The tunnels were dug by hand and it was amazing! Around 30ft deep and stretch for around 200km... Inside the tunnels were functioning as underground cities including numerous trap doors, living areas, weapons factories, hospital, kitchens and command centers. The living spaces inside the tunnels is no more than a few feet. When we experienced squeezing into the maze of tunnels, my leg felf cramp and tired. Just imagine and picture how Viet Cop once stayed there for few months!

There are many traps created by Viet Cop and you will be also surprised to see the tactics used by Viet Cop during the combat. One of it is the shoes wear by the Viet Cop is done by tires, they can wear it another way round to confuse their enemies so that the road they are heading is opposite direction. 

It is interesting to learn the history of the Cu Chi tunnels, it is a good place for us to look back on history - scarified and war. We are now find hard to imagine the destruction and damage over this place caused by bombs and mines. But what I would like to say is "I Enjoy the Peace Now".



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    1. Sure. Just put photo credit for this blog link.