Monday, December 10, 2012

Titi Eco Farm Resort, Negeri Sembilan

"Organic" is a new way of life, the trend of today's healthy way of living. The organic agriculture is prevailing rapidly worldwide both for health and environmental reasons. For these reasons, I opted to pay a visit to one of our Malaysia's organic agricultural farm - Titi Eco Farm Resort for a day trip. Titi Eco Farm Resort is located in Jalan Sungai Rotai, Titi, Jelebu, 71650 Negeri Sembilan. 

Earlier in the morning before sun raised, I woke up and departed with my family to the destination. I have downloaded the map from the website as guide. Unfortunately, when I passed by Hulu Langat and asked people around for direction, we were told by the local, there were landslide happened two weeks ago in the way heading to the destination. Without any clue and idea on the alternative road to Titi Eco. I have to call for help to the farm resort, but there were no one picking up my call. Luckily, we dropped by a petrol station and successfully got information from the store supervisor for another direction.

We quickly headed to Lekas highway and exit at 2105 (which the Titi Eco representative gave us a wrong direction), actually the correct exit is at 2106 Ampangan. From the exit to Titi Eco Farm is a very long journey. The road is zigzag and dangerous... Finally we reached Titi Eco Farm around 10.45am which the tour around the farm already started for five minutes.

Without further delay, we quickly joined the group for farm tour. We were brought to organic vegetable farm, fruits farm and poultry farm for a visit. There are various types of exotic tropical fruits such as pineapples, bananas, passion fruits, dragon fruits, guavas, rambutans and papayas which I was able to observed. Other vegetables like sweet potato and bitter grounds are also available. 

There are only ostriches and rabbits in the poultry farm. It was a bit disappointed. 

I think the most excited part of the day trip will be crossing the pond through hanging bridge and playing the flying fox. This is mostly enjoyed by children and my 70 year-old father. He really was great compared to me, I only went through the hanging bridge and did not try the flying fox. Haha... 

But the drawback was, in the another site of the pond were full with mosquitoes, therefore it is advice to bring mosquito repellent along especially you brought your kids. The whole farm tour was finished after the flying fox and hanging bridge, and the next agenda was "free and easy" and took a small rest before lunch provided. 

What you can do in Titi Eco Farm? 
1. Roll Over Grass and let yourself dive into the greens (suggested by Titi Eco)

2.  Play Soap Bubble in the provided area...

3. Visit their Organic Shop and purchase their organic product such as papaya powder, enzyme... and organic vegetables and fruits...
4. Play Chess... you can enjoy Chinese set or Western set as provided.

5. Play their stuffs... there have swing, seesaw and slide around...

6. Relax, enjoy and take photograph of lovely scenery...

If you do not enjoy sun bathing or outdoor activities, you might still like the foods provided here. We were served strobilanthes crispus tea for a drink, and the benefit of the tea is good for anti-cancer properties. Before the lunch began, a salad was served as appetizer. Sweet and sour taste really stimulate my appetite to eat more. There are five dishes altogether such as curry vegetable, pak choi, fried sweet potato, chicken, steam fish and a soup of the day. I ordered myself vegetarian food, there are deep fried egg plant, pak choi and lady fingers. 

We left before the health sharing session and wholemeal bread demonstration began. We have been waiting for about forty five minutes and my parent felt tired, therefore we decided to leave earlier. Luckily we left earlier, in the midst of driving in Lekas highway, it rained cat and dog until we hardly see the road sign and car in front. We missed the junction and have to took long U-turn back to our house. It was dangerous if we drive in this condition in the Kelawang road. 

In conclusion, there are still a lot of improvement can be made in Malaysia's Eco tourism business compared to other countries I have visited. The farm tour guide can improve their briefing and make it more interesting cause when I came back from the trip, I hardly remember any information shared by him. Second, the day trip can insert activities that involve participate of the visitors such as soap DIY, making paper lantern such as my Taiwan's farm trip... Third, it is very important to told or brief the visitors what and when is the next agenda, don't break the gap too long, people will lost and do not know what to do. I saw few family left before end of the session. Lastly, to boost the sales of the product, they can told the visitors the benefits of the foods they served or the recipe of using their product in the dishes. I saw none of my group were buying product from their store. For your information, I have brought two big recycle bags thinking to purchase their product, but I brought none. No buying impulse... sad...      

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