Monday, November 26, 2012

Toucheng Leisure Farm, Taiwan

If you love natural, this is a place you should visit - Toucheng Leisure Farm. Toucheng is located at Yilan, which is within two hours drive from Taipei. I personally love this place, it is tranquil and peaceful, and I like the love story behind where the 100 hectares land was given by the husband to his lovely wife as a gift. 

I hope one day I can have a place like this to build a natural school. Students can have fun, learn and benefits from the natural environment. There are a lot of activities you can experience in Toucheng, we had learn to build sky lanterns at night and a morning walk in the vegetable and animal farm for a one night stay in Toucheng.

At the earlier morning, if you can wake up for the sun rise, that will be better. But I failed to wake up in the earlier morning, only my father and brother are able to walk up the hills to enjoy sun rise. In morning, a healthy organic foods and mantou was served for breakfast. Besides, we had a delight dinner at their Cang Jiu Winery place, where we had to ride their cars passed through the forest to the place.

My family vacation in Taiwan together with my parent and brother
The accommodation and wide spacious of  area in the front enable you to have a walk and relax yourself

A professional guide was with us for the farm tour by explaining the hectares belong to Toucheng

The white spots in the tree indicated that the the degree of freshness of the air surrounding
The water look clear and normally during summer, school kids will be playing around in the small river
Feeding the buffalo
Lush green paddy field in Toucheng farm
A paddy field house
My father was pulling white radish in the farm, comparison the radish he got was juicy than in Malaysia

A delight dinner was served, we had an appetizer, salad and steamboat with soya milk
Wishes was written all around the lanterns before send off in the sky


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