Friday, November 16, 2012

Puffing Billy Steam Train

Thanks to all those volunteers who rosters for a wide range of duties in Puffing Billy Railway, therefore we are able to enjoy the nostalgic ride in the world's oldest steam train passing through fern gullies and lush rainforest of the Dandenongs Ranges.

I really highly saluted these volunteers and Puffing Billy Preservation Society for their efforts in keeping Puffling Billy Railway's operation since 1962, if not the line would not be economical.

We took the ride in Menzies Greek and get down at Belgrave. Marvel at the scenery and panoramic views of the Sherbrooke Forest which passed by your carriage window.   

I was lucky to meet native bird - Australian Crimson Rosella which is describe as very sociable, and that is why I managed to took its picture closed up. The colourful blue cheek patch, red head and breast, plus the black edge with blue in their wings and tail looks pretty.


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