Friday, November 9, 2012

Beware of Rhino in Australia?!!

When travel in Australia, you will noticed a yellow postal of "Beware of Rhino" on a skateboard pasted everywhere in the tram stations. It is a very creative advertising and I am really curious at the first place what is the rhinoceros the advertising try to refer to. And it was the tram!

After some study done online, the rhino icon being used because the 30 rhinos are described as equal to one tram. Then you can imagine if you were hit by a tram then are hit by 30 rhinos. What are disaster! But how were they came out with this figure? Andrew brought up an idea that average weight of rhino is 225kg, if 30 rhinos will be 6750kg, but a Melbourne tram is 2450kg.

I really have no idea, but I will said the impact is big and you can quickly imagine 30 rhinos = 1 tram in your head. Then you will be more careful when you crossed the road. Just like previously the Digi's yellow man campaign make me always remembered that I have a yellow friend with me previously when I were using their service. Haha! What do you all think?


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