Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beijing scammed...part II

I thought I was getting a good news from Beijing regarding my scammed case, but it all come with hassle. One morning, I received a call from my previous travel agent of Beijing which he mentioned that he received a call from the Beijing officer regarding my complaint on buying an expensive medicine. He then help me to contact the Tibet Hospital and they agreed to return my money when I returned them the medicines.

The reasons they gave me are this is the retailing price they are selling. The ingredients of the product is difference from the website I visited therefore the price is difference. But when I asked them what are the ingredients, they failed to answer. I did not explore further, since they agreed to send me back the money, I was happy although I only managed to return few bottles which I did not consume yet. After calculation, a bottle they charged was as high as RM300 per bottle, which mean per pill is RM15. How ridiculous!

But this morning, when I went to our POS office Malaysia to arrange the parcel, they didn't allow me to send the parcel as sending medicine to oversea is prohibited unless I got an official letter from the hospital of China or our Ministry of Health. I then called to the Beijing, but unfortunately, the letter will be written in Mandarin which our government would not accept it. I have to try my luck again in our Ministry of Health. It all will consume more time and more hassle.

Can anybody suggests any alternative? I really need your advice. 

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