Friday, November 30, 2012

A Field Trip to Sembrong Dam

Backdated to July this year, I happened to have an opportunity to follow a PhD student for a field trip for water sampling in Sembrong Dam. It was an unique experience for me because I seldom have this kind of chances where I am not a science stream student.

Sembrong Dam is located about 10km from Air Hitam town in the state of Johor on the Air Hitam - Kluang road. Our main purpose for this field trip was to collect water sample for algae research for the PhD thesis. The preparation was all done by the PhD student and I was just followed the instruction. 

I didn't expect the Dam look so beautiful and natural, the fact is actually it is a man-made dam where it was completed in 1984. Every time when we visited the Dam, we need to passed through the village and rural area before we reached the dam. It might be difficult to drive especially raining day where the road is full with mud. Besides, this is the area for PLKN training as well where I can see the youth kayaking in the dam.

Although this is not a place for tourism, but you still can visit UK Agro resort around the area and enjoy your leisure there!



  1. Hi Jamie, how are you? I like this article. Very nice. Glad you enjoyed. - Regards,Gurmin

  2. Hi Gurmin, I didn't expect you read my block as well. So happy and thanks!

  3. Hi Jamie , am now finalizing my thesis to submit in 2 weeks time. Happen to read this again. Lovely memories! Nice article..- Gurmin

    1. Gurmin, good to hear that you are completing your thesis soon! How are you recently?