Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Queen Victoria Market

On Tuesday, we reached Queen Victoria Market around 3pm but unfortunately most of the stalls had closed. We decided to come back here on Friday's morning since our hotel just located not far away and it took around 10 minutes walk from there. Therefore, please bear in mind the timing when you wanted to visit Queen Victoria Market. According to the website,  it closed on Mondays, Wednesdays, Good Friday... and the operating hours are 6am to 2pm for weekdays and longer timing for weekend.

The Queen Victoria Market had around 130 year-old and it is the largest market in Australia. There have open air market separate into wet and dry market (as per my observation), Deli Hall and Meat Hall. According to the tourist guide, the previous day of Queen Victoria Market was the old cemetery, and there were still 9000 bodies buried underneath the market’s car park.

Evening visit to the market was quiet and solitude, especially in winter when the sun sink earlier. It reminded me the history and ghost story told by the tour guide. But the morning of the market is totally different, lively and bustling. The vegetables and fruits are fresh and juicy. Comparison, the price to cook at home are cheaper than dine in restaurant.

There are souvenirs you can buy in cheap price in this local market but there are mainly from China. The tour guide told us that we can even get a "three generation" T-shirt from here but I wonder what is the meaning of three generation she was mentioned. At first, I thought the the quality of the T-shirt is so good until it can last for the usage of three generation. But I was wrong, instead, mentioned by the tour guide, after washing the T-shirt, from your father size can shrink to your size and later your child size. What a funny story, haha...


Enjoyed a cup of latte with my mum in McCafe nearby the Meat Hall

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