Monday, November 5, 2012

Farm life experience in Warrook Cattle Farm

On the way to Philip Island, we visited Warrook Cattle Farm for an educational tour to see kangaroos, wombats, sheep shearing demonstration, cow milking and the working dogs demonstration.

Warrook cattle farm is an 100 years old historic cattle and  sheep farm situated at 4170 South Gippsland Highway Monomeith, Victoria with one hour drive from Melbourne. At Warrook, you will experience a real lifestyle of Australian farming which you couldn't experience in the city.  Therefore, relax and get your hands dirty!

When we reached Warrook, what welcoming us was the tranquil trail with two rows of trees waving at us. The air crisp and the breeze playful. What a good weather it is. After that we were brought to the fauna park to see wombat and kangaroos up close. The question arouse "are joeys (baby kangaroos) born in their mother's pouch?" "What is the size of a new born joey?". These are the questions you can get your answer in this educational tour.

We proceed to the cow farm, "Do, Re, Mi, Fa..." four calves stretched their heads out of the cage awaited for our arrival, I think they were in hunger. Some of it even licked on the handbag of one of our group members by thinking this is their food. Feeding the ridiculously cute calves was another experiences you can get and I have experienced it before in Korea trip at an open farm. The calves will chased after you when you hold a milk bottle. It was fun experience! After we finished feeding the calves, we were introduced on the correct way to milk the cow. It was not hard to do it, but I just afraid the cow will felt pain. I just pretended it and took a picture.

One thing I noticed that, most of the pets are given name, and the farmer treated them as one of their family members as well. The two working dogs were then brought to the sheep area and instructed by the guide to round up sheep in a lush pasture. But there are incident that one of the working dog tried to bites on a sheep and the owner had to punish the dog. Was it an accident or a show?

The educational tour were then followed by a sheep shearing demonstration before it ended. The poor little sheep was being pulled out from the cage and look innocent when the owner sheared on its skin. It also look like the sheep was enjoying the whole process without struggling and sit still. Although the skin have been sheared, but the lanolin (wool wax) will protected it from coldness.


Before we departed, we have our lunch in Warrook and I enjoyed the chicken set and their house wine. 


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