Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things to buy in BEIJING

When you travel in Beijing especially with tour or free and easy travel, most of the tour guide will bring you to their identify exclusive shop. This is where they can earn their commission, therefore, beware and spend cautiously, there may be scam or buying unnecessary things here. I will share with you all later in my blog where I have been scammed for buying a high price Chinese herbs.

Of course, not to deny, there are still good things to purchase in Beijing. Hence, it is recommended to do some research if you would like to buy an expensive souvenir whenever you travel. The sales person there will be very pushy to ask you to purchase by mentioned that their sales is still zero, asked for your kindness to support them... Firmly say "NO" and go out from the building, but if you wanted to buy, you will be surprised that you can cut down the price half by using the same tactics.

What things you can consider to buy in Beijing, there are pearl, silk, Chinese tea leaf, jade, handcraft, local snack and books.

1) Pearl
The tour guide brought us to one of the pearl exclusive shop (Freesky Pearl) in the Olympics village. It is one of the favoured, beauty and longevity secrets for Empress Dowager Cixi. It is said that everyday she will ate high quality pearl powder getting from the Summer place's pond. According to "Compendium of Materia Medica" 本草纲目, pearl is non-toxic, rich in calcium, good for the appearance of the skin, improve eyesight and it can calm your heart. You can see the effect only you consume it daily.

A more convenience Bio-gold pearl cream is sold in the shop,  it contains bio-gold, pearl, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, ginseng extracts, ganoderma.
Pure pearl powder
 2) Jade
There are two categorized of jade: soft and hard jade. China only produced soft jade, therefore all hard jade is imported from Burma. In market, hard jade is more valuable and popular than soft jade, therefore you will be questioning why should we buy it from China? I think the main different is the way they polished and engraved the jade. Jade is loved by Chinese, it is mentioned that it has the life force energy. As human, we nurture the jade and the jade nurture us.

Laughing Buddha jade engraved it is said to bring good fortune to lady
3) Silk
Silk is a natural protein obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of silkworm. The silk made fabric is a luxury item in ancient China and commonly used by rich people and the Emperors. The benefit of using silk helps to prevent skin and nose sensitive, especially good for asthma, cotton will capture dust but not silk.

4) Chinese tea leaf
Chinese tea leaf is another things you can consider to purchase in China. There are many different types of tea leaf sold in China, the recommended tea leaf sold in Dr. Tea are Pu erh, TianQi flower, white tea, flower tea... Pur erh tea is produced in Yunnan province, it is good for high blood, diabetes and coronary heart disease. The taste is thick and the price sometime can be very expensive cause it is depends on the age the tea leaf was keep.

Kungfu tea demonstration by the promoter in Dr Tea exclusive shop

TianQi flower and white tea

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