Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A cup of coffee please!

I happened to browse through a blog sharing by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott on Burmese cuisine, one of their top eating experiences was flan and coffee near Sule Pagoda, Yangon. As a coffee lover, I quickly jot down the address: 128 Sule Paya Road without the shop name.

1) Let Ywe Sin tea & coffee shop (near Sule Pagoda)
Me and my husband didn't really go all the way to look for this shop, but coincidentally we bang into this shop by following the strong aroma smell of coffee just like Daniel and Audrey. Then only I realised this is the shop! With our tiredness walking all the way from Bogyoke Aung San market to Sule Pagoda, we would like to order the same things as mentioned in the blog.

I told the person who served us for two coffee and flans. But they do not understand what flan is, and we had to point to the flan eating by a person sitting at the another corner. The waiter brought us a sandwich instead of a flan, until we need to walk to the table and point him the flan. For them, they called it a pudding rather than a flan.

The shop name is Let Ywe Sin, the coffee and pudding are recommended to try when you drop by to Sule Pagoda.
A lot of local people are here for their tea break
At the end, we brought a total of five packets of their coffee with 700 kayts per pack and 1,600 kayts for dinning in. Estimated USD6.

2) Coffee Factory (1st flood of UK mart building, Bogyoke Aung San market)
This is another shop we tried, and I believed this shop is specially designed for foreigner. At first, we have difficulty to look for this shop although a signage is hanging outside of the building. We asked around and actually the shop is located inside a shop... Did I describe it correctly? Yes, it is hidden inside.

The atmosphere here are serene and comfortable, there are air conditioning provided here. Photo of oldies singers 70s and 80s are hanging on the wall. Of course the price is higher compared to previous one but it is still reasonable for the environment we were enjoying. I ordered a cold local coffee and a Cappuccino for my husband, it cost 2,200 kayts ($2.6), but the coffee are nothing really special.  

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