Thursday, December 13, 2012

Foods in Beijing you should try...

What are the foods you must try when you visit Beijing? 

Dumplings or Jiaozi
You must try dumpling - the common dishes of Beijing, but which one is nice? I have tried dumplings in Wangfujing street, but sad to say that the dumpling skin is hard and the filing is little. We tried the dumplings in Feather dumplings 鸿毛饺子restaurant too, comparison it was nicer. Feather dumplings restaurant  is a franchise store with around 25 branches and the number one seller dishes will be the leek dumpling. A dumpling filing consist of minced meat and finely chopped leek arouse great aroma in your mouth with a dipping sauce made of vinegar. There are even free dumpling soup provided in one of the corner in the restaurant. 

Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Bun)
This is one of the dim sum I like, although it is a common food in the Southern such as in Shanghai, but I would like to try it in Beijing too. When you bite the Xiao Long Bao, the soup in side will split all over your mouth when you bite it. I tried something different type which consists of crab meat as follows.


Cold Noddles
Korea is famous for cold noodles which also known as Raengmyeon. The noodle is chewier and the cold soup is refreshing. If you like cold noodle, you should also try it in Beijing. Beijing (northern) people like cold dishes where you can see people like to relish cold side dishes such as salad with their wine in the restaurant. What are the difference between Korean and Beijing cold noodles? I can't really tell. But the cold noddle I tried in Korea was hardly bite off and I need a scissor for it. 

Beijing traditional snack
Douzhir (fermented bean drink) 豆汁, sheep offal soup 杂碎汤, baked sweeten wheaten cake 糖火烧, butter fried cake 奶油炸糕... are all famous snacks in Beijing, but whether you like the local taste will be another question for you. I have tried the snacks in Hugo temple snack, but it was hard for me to accept the taste...Read more

Lamb kebabs
You can easily get lamb or other meat kebabs in Beijing's stall.

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