Monday, May 12, 2014

Good and Bad Experiences all in Korea!

Good and bad experiences all in Korea... I remember the first time when I traveled to Korea was with my husband for our honeymoon trip. We enjoyed the trip so much and it was four years back. This time, I decided to travel to Korea again,  but it was with my brother. 

You will be surprised, when I drafted this blog is around 4.05am in the morning at 24-hours McDonald. Yes...we have no place to sleep for that night and have to stay all night! We have been chased out from Jimjilbang place in the mid night 3.30am, dragging our luggage in the middle of the road... the weather of that night was freezing cold. I will said this was an valuable experiences for me which I will never forgot.  

Before the trip started, I have spend around two to three months to study and plan for the itinerary and booked all accommodation for the trip. But I do said I make a mistake by booking the wrong hostel in Agoda. The review is bad and I supposed to book another hostel with roughly the same name. After I paid through my credit card only I realized, I made a mistake.

When we arrived in xx Egg House, the were no receptionist in the hostel. We have to wait for the person-in-charge for more than one hour. When he came back, he didn't immediately attend to our check in, rather checking his phone call and ask us to wait. I was very annoyed and told him that we have been waiting here for more than one hour. I showed him our confirmation booking through Agoda and hope we can check in immediately.

He kept asking when I make the booking, I really couldn't remember the exact date. But didn't I displayed the confirmation booking? Then he told me, no reservation was made. I was even surprised cause before I travel, there were an email shoot to me by the hostel saying thanks to me for staying in their hostel. But I do replied him the email that the exact date I will be staying.

He told me it was the previous staff mistake and he was resigned. Now he only has room without the private bathroom that I booked. I requested for the discount cause I remember the price was difference, he told me no discount. And mentioned that it was not his mistake. I tried to argue with him, this is their mistake too although the staff had left. He then told me I tried to make fuss on him and asked me to look for another place to stay.

I was really angry with his attitude and he was rude! He can well verse in English, but the service was WORST! At last, the only thing I can do was to ask for refund. He told me that he didn't get the money, I have to tell Agoda for the refund. My brother immediately called Agoda, they help us to locate for another hotel but failed to do so. The only thing they can do is to refund the money with one day extra compensation to us.

We didn't realize, most of the places in tourism spot was fully booked. The main reason was holiday for Korea, China and Japan during that period. We walked through few hotels until we suggested by local to sleep in Vestel Jimjilbang. But unfortunately it was closed due to all full. We really have no idea where we can go and decided to stay at their lobby and wait until the next day. Not only us, but there a lots of people like us who have no place to go for that night. 

Haha! What an adventure trip from the start. Now the only thing I can do is to laugh and enjoyed it!   

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