Saturday, March 15, 2014

Phang Nya Bay, Phuket

When you travel to Phuket, one scenic view you shouldn’t miss will be Phang Nya Bay tour.

I have planned it as one of my main traveling agenda, when people approached me from the airport, me and my friend just purchased the tour package directly. Comparison, it is more expensive (1800 baht) than others local travel agencies which you can find in the tourist area you are staying, but I think is still worth it cause not much people in the boat and you will have plenty place to enjoy the view.

Khao Phing-Khan is a famous landmark when you choose Phang Nya Bay tour. You might have no idea on this name, but James Bond Island is a much popular name for tourism as this place is features in James Bond’s movie “The man with the golden gun” around 20 years ago.

Khao Phing-Khan is special because it “formed from a crack and slide of rock due to the gravity faults. As the base of rock was scoured out by the torrent the upper rock became heavy and slide down to rest in a leaning position.”

Kayaking is another main activity for the whole tour where it allows you to have a close-up view on the amazing of natural formation - limestone cliffs and caves. Stalactites and stalagmites… but all I can tell it is so precious that we should protect this thousand year’s natural formation. It is really an eye opener for me especially when we have to lean down in our canoe and travel into the inner cave.

Dark, murky and humid… this is what I can tell when we reached the inner cave. It reminds me on a terrifying true story movie “Black Water”. It seems like the huge crocodile was hiding inside the muddy water waiting to attack us!  (Haha, my imagination is great!) Anyway it is really an amazing journey. 

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