Friday, March 1, 2013

Be aware of AES!

When we send our brother and sister to LCCT airport, we decided to drive to KLCC. On our way backed from KLIA or LCCT, passing through the toll plaza, the road sign clearly indicated KLCC sign on the right hand side, and we decided gave it a try instead of the left hand road which we are normally used.

In the half way, we lose the sign of KLCC and the sign board showed us Seremban. OMG! We are so frustrated and thinking where does this road bring us to? Is there any U-turn available? Then only we realized this road brought us to the Nilai exit which is more further from another road. 

Yes, this is Nilai Utara exit, where when you turn out from the road you can see the memorial park. Then you will continue back to the North-South Express highway. When we passed by the Nilai/ Bangi area, we saw the light flashing from the road side although we only drove 100km/j. Firstly, we thought the Automated Enforcement System (AES) was not flashing at us, but only later we realized the speed at this road is 90km/j.  

I don't understand why 90km/j was instilled in the highway? I still can remember well on one of the radio advertisement mentioned that the changing speed in the highway make people very tension and it encourage us to drink a cup of the "brand" coffee to wake up and noticed it! So creative. How can we not be so tension, if the road sign can be improved! Really hope Malaysia can improve it especially for its tourism business.   

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