Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dolphin Wacthing in Jervis Bay

It took around 3 hours drive from Sydney to Jervis Bay and along the way you will have the chance to see the beautiful coastal rainforest scenery and spectacular coastline of South Pacific Ocean.

The end of winter was gently chill, the sky is cloudless, the water is clear and the air crisp. Apart from its pristine natural beauty, Jervis Bay does offer the ideal viewing experiences for dolphin, whale and seal in Australia. This trip around we are going for the cruise of seeing dolphin in wild. There are no guarantee you will see dolphin in live, therefore pray hard on it.

Australia abundance's of natural resources are the key sources of its economy. I can see that Australian really take a good care of their environment and protect the wild animal. I think we as a Malaysian should learn from them.

We are so luckily that we were able to witness dolphin with close proximity. At last, we took the famous fish and chip at the nearby restaurant after the cruise.


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