Friday, November 6, 2015

The Kul Kul Farm, Bali

“Mother earth is addicted to harmony…” this is what Penny Livingston told us during the class “The art of Herbal Medicine Making” at the Kul Kul Farm, Bali. 

I would like to say that… me too, I am addicted to the nature, the harmony and peaceful which nature brings to us. Coming to Bali Green School is always in my wish list, I am fascinated by their green concept for environmental sustainability, their bamboo architecture and their education system.   I have pasted the Green School 2013 article at my wall, wishing one day I can also built something like this and contributing back to the mother earth. 

Not long ago, I decided to resign -- an unhappy, no passion and meaningless corporate life. Not knowing where is my future heading, the Green School article at my wall remind me that I should paid a visit to this place. I browsed through the web and registered for the “The art of Herbal Medicine Making” class. With limited budget, I departure and search for the dream I always like to pursue.

The Balinese culture is a unique mix of Balinese Hindu, Buddhist and Balinese custom. You can notice their culture rich in their dance, drama and sculpture. Majority people here are Balinese-Hinduism. And Balinese people are nice, helpful, artistic and peaceful person. I would like to say they are pure and good hearted people. 

Going to Bali Green School on the first day is a bit challenging. I stayed at Hotel Ibis Styles at Teuku Umar Denpasar, the expenses in this area is cheaper although it is far away from the beach area. The travel distance from here to Bali Green School is around 30 minutes. You can also choose to stay at Ubud, Seminyak or Kuta, I think the distance is more or less the same. I have arranged hotel transportation for my two days classes (2 ways) for Rp500K. The driver has difficulty finding the place, there are two entrances: East and West. The Kul Kul Farm is located at the West side.

We accidentally reached the East gate but we are being told that we have to U turn back to the main road and take another road to the West side. I couldn’t really remember the road well although I have been travel there few times. The orange flag and bamboo Green School sign is hard to notice as well. The entrance to the School is small and it is one way entrance. We have to stop by to ask the community for direction.
The entrance of The Kul Kul Farm, Bali located at the East side of the Green School Bali

Have class surrounded by natural environment, it is a great but sometime very hot.

The main of the course for the 2 days herbal medicine making course is to learn about the knowledge of basic principles of alchemy and local herbs; the methods to distilled hydrosols and essential oils, make creams, salves and tinctures. The participants are from all around the world such as America, Australia, Singapore, Brunei and others.  The main participants have been staying for two weeks to attend the Permaculture Design Course and herbal medicine making course is just part of the whole course.    


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